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A Confident Start (Juniors)

Start the 2019-2020 academic year with confidence and a calm, happy mindset.  Each child will take away a set of tools to help make the year positive and successful.

A perfect way to end the summer holiday and make new friends in a fun, focused and relaxed learning environment.


Course Schedule

Each session runs for 2 hours (including a meal).  We engage subject matter experts.

Session 1 – First Impressions

Topics include: introducing ourselves to new friends, friends' parents and teachers, speaking clearly and confidently, smiling and using eye contact, shaking hands, walking, sitting and standing with confidence

Session 2 – A Happy and Focused Mindset

Topics include: gratitude, happiness and positivity, mindfulness and breathing techniques, coping mechanisms for big emotions such as frustration, anger and embarrassment, building our concentration skills, staying on task and following directions

Session 3 – Sharing, Caring and Cooperation

Topics include: good sportsmanship, sharing with others, being patient, helping others, accepting differences, what makes a good friend?


***Please check back*** 2020 Dates TBC by 1 Feb 2020

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