A Confident Start

This course will give your child the tools they need to start the new academic year with confidence, strength and a calm mindset.  This course is the perfect way to end the summer holiday and make new friends in a fun, focused and relaxed learning environment. 


Course Schedule

Each session runs for 2.5 hours (including a full meal). 

We engage subject matter experts.

Course Topics Include

First Impressions

Topics include: formal and informal introductions (of yourself and others), introducing ourselves to new friends, friends' parents and teachers, meeting and greeting, speaking clearly and confidently, smiling and using eye contact, the basics of small talk, online video etiquette

Keeping Calm and Focused

Topics include: recognising the feeling of overwhelm, tools to help us with nerves and anxiety, managing exam stress and heavy workloads, staying focused in a healthy way, learning to rest and not to quit

Time Management and Organisation

Prioritising what is important, planning ahead, making and successfully keeping to-do lists, keeping things in their proper places, storing and taking care of our belongings

Positive Friendship Skills

Topics include: making and keeping friends, what it means to be a good friend, dealing with rejection and those who are unkind to us, dealing with conflict and common friendship difficulties, getting help when we need it


Ascot, Berkshire

22 - 25 August 2022

11:30 - 14:00 (including lunch)

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