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Little Ladies and Gents EXTRA

Our Little Ladies and Gents EXTRA course empowers children with social skills, helping to build their confidence and form meaningful, positive relationships with others in all walks of life.  It also gives children the tools they need to shine with confidence when conducting themselves in various settings (social and academic). 

This is a suitable follow on course if your child has attended Little Ladies or Little Gents and would like to learn more, but newcomers to The Sunningdale Academy are more than welcome to join us.  The order in which the courses are taken does not affect the child's learning.


Course Schedule

Each weekly session runs for 2.5 hours (including a full meal) on either a Saturday or Sunday. 
We engage leading subject matter experts.

Week 1 – Confident Public Speaking and Presentation

Learning to speak confidently and communicate effectively to an audience are fundamental skills that we all need. We aim to empower children with practical tools, allow them to practice in front of their peers, and help them embrace their own personality and style when engaging an audience.

Topics include: speaking with confidence and clarity, overcoming nerves, organising your thoughts, engaging an audience, thinking on your feet, giving a TED-Style talk, posture, hand gestures and expert tips to make sure your performance is captivating

Week 2 – Forming Meaningful Friendships

At any age, good manners play an important role in forming positive friendships. At a stage when social lives are really starting to bloom, it is important to understand how to form meaningful friendships and deal with conflict.

Topics include: making and keeping friends, what it means to be a good friend, dealing with rejection and those who are unkind to us, good sportsmanship

Week 3 – Body Language and Posture

We are always communicating, even if we are not speaking. It is important that we are aware of the signals we are sending to others and, equally, that we are able to understand other people’s body language and social cues.

Topics include: what is your body saying when you are not speaking?, facial expressions, the power of a smile, posture and deportment, exuding confidence

Week 4 – Gracious Guest, Hospitable Host/Hostess

It is never too early to learn the art of warmly welcoming guests into our home or how to be a gracious guest who is invited back in the future. These skills give us social confidence.

Topics include: general playdate and party etiquette, greetings and farewells, guest duties (being agreeable; being respectful and aware of our surroundings; mealtimes at other people's homes), host duties (making people feel included and comfortable)

Week 5 – Graduation Dinner

A chance for your child to apply all of his or her new skills in a formal dining experience and to celebrate their completion of the course with their peers.​  All graduates will receive a completion certificate.


Upcoming Courses

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