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Staying Safe, Staying Secure

Throughout this course we will focus on a range of life skills that can help us to stay safe, secure and confident.  Each session is hands on and activity based and gives each participant a fun, safe and open environment to learn in.

A perfect way to meet new friends and learn some key life skills in a fun and relaxed setting.


Course Schedule

Each session runs for 1.5 hours (including a snack). 

We engage subject matter experts.

Course Topics Include

Essential First Aid Skills

Topics include: dealing with bumps, burns, breaks and bleeds; carrying out CPR and dealing with choking; asthma attacks and allergic reactions

Protecting Yourself

Topics include: emphasis on non-violence and only using techniques when absolutely necessary, tactical thinking/situational awareness, confident body language, having awareness, avoiding danger, reacting to danger, neutralising aggression and getting help, dealing with single and multiple opponents 

Recognising and Coping with Bullying 

Topics include: practical ways to deal with bullying and those who are unkind to us, recognising different types of bullying, getting the right help, helping and supporting friends who are being bullied

Online Safety

Topics include: keeping ourselves safe online, privacy settings, social media safety, downloads, protecting personal information, understanding online dangers, understanding places where dangers can occur, practicing safe browsing, gaming safety


Coronavirus Update: Given the current circumstances, it is with a heavy heart that we will be cancelling all in-person courses due to take place in 2020 across all of our locations.  We encourage you to continue registering your interest so we can make sure to keep you updated on our future courses.  

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