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Stand out from the Crowd

This course helps to develop an important set of skills that every

young adult needs to succeed. The skills we cover will help

participants to feel more confident in their social and academic lives. Each participant will take away a set of professional tips and tricks they can call upon daily to help them feel as confident as ever in their own skin and stand out from the crowd.


Course Schedule

Each session runs for 2.5 hours (including a full meal).  We engage subject matter experts.

Session 1 – First Impressions

Topics include: formal and informal introductions (of yourself and others); meeting and greeting; speaking clearly and confidently; smiling and using eye contact; the perfect handshake; small talk; posture and deportment

Session 2 – Confident Public Speaking and Presentation

Topics include: speaking with confidence and clarity; overcoming nerves; organising your thoughts; engaging your audience; thinking on your feet; giving a TED-Style talk; posture, hand gestures and expert tips to make sure your performance is captivating

Session 3 – Time Management and Organisation

Topics include: prioritising what is important; planning ahead; making and successfully managing to-do lists; keeping things in their proper places; storing and taking care of our belongings; time management tips practiced by successful people

Session 4 – Healthy Body and Healthy Mind

Topics include: making healthy choices; handling peer pressure; managing exam stress and heavy workloads; coping with social anxiety; mindfulness

Session 5 – Three Course Dinner Graduation Ceremony

​A chance to apply your new skills in a formal dining experience


***Please check back*** 2020 Dates TBC by 1 Feb 2020

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