Rising Little Ladies and Gents

Our Rising Little Ladies and Gents course has been designed for girls and boys ages 5-7 years old.  The course focuses on mastering how to be courteous and friendly from a young age.  This will help in building positive and meaningful relationships with others.


Course Schedule

Each session runs for 1.5 hours (including a snack).

We engage subject matter specialists.

Course Topics Include


First Impressions

Topics include: Introducing ourselves (to new friends, friends’ parents and teachers); speaking clearly and confidently; smiling and using eye contact; shaking hands and walking properly; sitting and standing with confidence

Table Manners

Topics include: Understanding basic place settings; knowing when to start; holding cutlery; dealing with unwanted food; conversation at the table; passing and offering food; what to do when we have finished eating

Forming Meaningful Friendships

Topics include: What it means to be a good friend; asking others to play; good sportsmanship; dealing with rejection and those who are unkind to us

Healthy Body,  Healthy Mind

Topics include: Making healthy food choices; staying active; the importance of fresh air and spending time outside; coping mechanisms for feeling angry or upset; mindfulness 

Afternoon Tea Graduation Ceremony

A chance for your child to apply all of his or her new skills over Afternoon Tea.  All graduates will receive a graduation certificate.


Upcoming Courses

Coronavirus Update: We are hoping to re-start our in person courses from September 2021.  This is subject to government guidelines.  If you are interested in our courses, we strongly recommend you get in touch and register your interest.  This will enable us to email you when our courses are available to book.

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